Imagine or Suppose


Imagine or suppose,

Imagine it’s not just a few million Muslims that are violent extremists. What if every Muslim, millions, in their hearts, carry those same hateful feelings toward everything not Muslim. Anathema if you dare say, draw or think anything, derogative in their eyes, about the prophet Mohamed. Imagine, if five times a day, all they pray for is the destruction, even the annihilation of every infidel, of anything non Muslim, us. Suppose all that killing, destruction, decapitation are wanted by Allah.  Imagine their God wants us annihilated.

Suppose in order to survive, we have to annihilate them first. That’s more than we can count. There’s got to be another way.  A way commensurate with our ideals is to be sought. Our think tank ought to focus on developing better strategies.  We need method for solutions to this nightmare that are more befitting our God.

For now, I prefer to suppose it only is a few thousands of extremists, ISIS or jihadists, bound to self destruct. That, I imagine, we can smartly and quietly help them achieve. Better yet, let us help them contribute to their own extermination, in the name of Allah.

Toulumen/Ed Nelson,



What a leader

The president should not take it likely, that unbeknown to his office, the Primer Mister of Israel is invited to speak before Congress, directly invited by the speaker of the House. This is a serious bridge in minimum protocol for some people. To me it an affirmation that our system of government allow room for each branch of the government to exercise power. I say the president can take it. Democracy is elastic. Some say politic and diplomacy have been married before. Others will say, it’s not the first sucker punch. It will neither be the last thrown in the arena.

The president’s state of the Union speech, last night reminds the world that he holds the standards higher for the American middle class. He has felt their sweats and demanded a fair shake for them. The president knows, first hand, that there is enough wealth to share a little more with the deserving ones. Funding for college education and quality early education for all are good investments in our potential. Preventive health care mandate is common sense. Young healthy people will eventually understand that one visit to the ER, a five day hospitalization may cost 20 times more than $200.00 a month. It’s a fair share. The cost of health care is still high, every one ought to chip in.
Ed Nelson

Thank you Mr. President, now get your boxing gloves.