Thanks to phone cams, America’s true racial biases and shortcomings are being exposed.

Hopefully the outing of these murderous expressions of racism will force these hateful sentiments deeper to the bottom of our dirty laundry. And eventually will suffocate them. Prejudices will not cease to exist. Rooted in ignorance, nurtured by the miserable conditions of the black race worldwide, and let’s face it, the fear to freely discuss the matter can only silence it into hypocrisy.

Yes free will, one has the right to like or dislike a certain skin color, as well as the right to be stupid and ignorant.  But one should never have permission to express that choice in hateful, disrespectful manners toward others. Most of all,  the use of public service positions or any other position of control or power to express such sentiment should never be tolerated. We are fast moving forward and facing the beast every time it reveals itself.

Let’s keep the snake under the rug and crush its head every time it shows up. Its rapidly becoming an endangered specie.


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