More salt in the wounds,

More salt in the wounds,
If the Santo Domingo government truly feels that the Haitian government is unable to guarantee the security of its diplomats in Haiti, I dare them to close the embassy and altogether rupture the diplomatic relationship with Haiti. Of course, by so doing, they would stand to lose more. Knowingly, Haitian poor labor force, illegal workers,lucrative business contracts, black market and trafficking across the borders largely contribute to the DR’s economy. No need to mention the fortune spent in SD by well to do Haitians families. Those are welcome with open arms. We should use that as leverage. Even in denial the educated, wealthy,(mexclado) light skin Haitian and the poor, marginalized, ebony skin Haitians are two sides of the same coin. As SD welcome one, compassion and human treatments are due to the other.
Beware, as long as the savage treatment of Haitian in SD is tolerated the safety of Dominicans in Haiti will go diminishing, diplomats or not. The 50 heavily armed Dominican soldiers, supposedly sent to protect the Dominican embassy in P-a-P, could best be used to justly enforce immigration laws at the borders. Only monitoring and supervising unscrupulous Dominican authorities would go a long way. They are abusing innocent people. Ironically, even Dominican individuals are victims. Just because they are black they get the treatment reserved to unwelcome Haitians. SD need to get over the fact that its population is majority black. If you want to stop Haitians from coming do not discriminate. Stop them all. I if you want to consider every black Dominican is Haitian then SD is demographically and irreversibly occupied.
Had those you welcome stayed home they could invest more, create much needed work in Haiti and effectively reduce the flood of those that are not so welcome. All they need is work.
The SD military presence in Haiti is nothing else but further bullying behavior.


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