A thought of haitianism, ours

Could our society survive real openness, true honesty, a naked society modus operando. Could our  society continue to exist as known. If you say yes, do you actually practice that in your family interactions. Amongst your friends, do you keep each other in check.

‘Hey Bro wap voiye kaka wi la’. I remember a  time in my younger years, we used to play mock trials .

The friends in the neighborhood formed a tribunal. The accused standing on red carpet, now had to respond. He would probably say he knows what he is doing. He would give an explanation no one may understand. The stories go one after the other in circles. You don’t understand, one would say, the other would respond, you don’t understand. At that intersection the truth is either naked or dealt with hypocritically. Never resolved pushed in the taboos, perhaps, too harsh for many to swallow. So it’s pushed under the rug, not resolved. It’s goes around and around. fueled by hypocrisy or ignorance.

The choice is clear, we have opted for Hypocrisy.

Eddy Nelson, LCSW

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Embrace the Ick.”


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